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The Nomade Café Internet welcomes you to our Quake2 Lan Fest (Private Party) where you will be able to play against up to 10 people and participate in a tournament that will show no mercy to all who dare to try. To confirm your presence send an E-Mail to

What you will need to participate are the following
1.Pentium Class P.C.
2.Ethernet Network Card (Installed!)
3.RJ45 Cable at least 25' long
4.Headphones...(Please do not bring speakers)
5. Monitor max 21"
If you happen to have a Hub feel free to bring it
Don't forget to bring your Win 95/98 CD as well as the CD of the Game.
The Party starts at Noon on Dec. 5th 1998 and if all goes well should
finish around 3:00am Sunday morning.